Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set Out Now

We are really pleased to finally have all of our albums on vinyl. It’s been a long time coming and this is something we’re really proud to be releasing. Vinyl is wonderful to own – it’s wonderful to look at, wonderful to hold and it feels like the ultimate way to present our work.

When we released our first album, ‘Exits’, we were more or less out of a record deal, so an actual record was out of the question. By the time ‘Union’ came out we could hardly afford to manufacture CDs, much less vinyl and, for whatever reason, ‘The Cold Still’ never found its way to a record lathe cutter. It wasn’t until ‘Promises’ that an album finally made it to vinyl. Once we’d received a copy, held it in our hands, listened to the warm playback, we then decided to press the first three.

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We wanted to make this release special and put out something we’d like to own ourselves. We’ve always been extremely proud of each album we’ve put out, never regretted and never looked back, and this box set is our time capsule and our autobiography.

All of the vinyls are pressed in 180 gram heavyweight vinyl for the best sound quality and they are accompanied with handwritten and signed lyrics as well as some historical photos from over the years. The box set is now available to buy from our own webstore and Amazon*. We hope you enjoy listening!

* Release dates vary

Box Set Includes
– Exits LP
– Union LP
– The Cold Still LP
– 180 gram heavyweight vinyl
– Includes MP3 download
– Historical photos
– Handwritten, signed lyrics
+ Space for Promises LP (not included)