Piers’ Blog. “Keep Moving…”

Piers’ blog

It feels a long time now since we put out our last album, The Cold Still, and we cannot wait to release the new album PROMISES and finally hit the road with a new show. We have only played one gig in almost a year, and it’s been coming up to two years since we even played a show in our hometown of London. We’d love to have been out and about a bit more over the last 18 months, but every band needs to get creative at some point, and since last May, we have been trying to get as creative as possible, spending many, many hours underground in our musical hovel, and a few more in the January sunshine of LA (we needed some air!).

To give you, our fans, more flavour on what’s to come you can now listen to a second cut ‘Keep Moving’ from Promises here.

We would love your help to get this album to chart here in the UK, and for that to happen your pre-ordering of the album is kind of crucial. For some bizarre reason the media in this country still cares about week-one chart positions – it’s all we ever hear about – from shops, radio and press. You may remember the debacle on UNION – when we released the album digitally with no CD in market, and therefore found ourselves completely disqualified from the UK charts because we didn’t have enough cash to make a CD! Madness! Thanks to YOU guys writing to the official bods, these rules have now been torn down (victory!) so now bands all over the country can finally do things their way, and be counted just the same as the major label-backed big boys.

You’ve all been a HUGE part of our lives for so many years – it would be great if we could finally make our point. If you haven’t already, we’d love you to pre–order PROMISES, get your friends to do it also, and when you get to hear it, play it to as many people as you can! (By the way – there’s 15% off the album before it comes out – so please go ahead and take advantage of that offer here).

See you on the road…

– Piers.