An Important Announcement from Todd Howe

Dear Family,

It is with immense sadness that I announce my departure from my beloved band. I’ve shared my life, my heart and my soul with three guys that I am honoured to call my brothers. We have created something great together and touched so many people with our music. No-one else apart from the four of us will ever know what it felt like to experience what we have, and those experiences will always bind us. Over a third of our lives has been The Boxer Rebellion. We are older and wiser and our desires are simply different now as I move forward in a different direction.

To our fans, you are incredible in every way. You have shaped our success and you have been our inspiration so let’s all continue this journey together. I will always be a part of this band but, as of now, simply not active.

Life is too short to look back and there is no point. Life is too short for regrets, of which I have none. My brothers and I all have incredible futures to lead and we will never be anything but close.

I’d like to thank my manager Sumit and everyone who has helped make this all possible. To my wife Jessica and my beautiful girls Charlie and Maize, I love you. Our futures are rich!

I wish The Boxer Rebellion every success for its future.  As for me, I look forward to further delving into the area of music production, mixing, and other artistic pursuits…