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After spending such a long time writing, recording demos, changing chords, rhythms, lyrics, take after take trying to get it right, nothing really beats the feeling of finally being able to put your music out there. Although it is obviously not quite released yet, we will now be streaming the record on KCRW prior to the record properly coming out next week. So get yourselves to the site and take a listen!

I wouldn’t say I have ever been nervous about people getting to hear this record, but there is always a strange anticipation to knowing lots of people are about to hear. Whilst it is amazing to see it streamed in such major places, I think every music fan knows it goes without saying that, particularly in our state of independence, record sales are still very important to us and the charting powers-that-be. So once you’ve had your fill of the new album, make sure you pre-order it too. There should be a sense of achievement with band and fans alike on this album, wherever it charts, so you know what to do to see it as high as possible.

Additional European dates have been trickling in, which is exciting, particularly because this time we are able to visit places we haven’t been to for ages (It IS our intention to visit other places in the UK too, we promise). Thank you for those that have already bought tickets to those shows. Also, thanks to those who have done the same for our upcoming US and Canadian tour. We’ve been rehearsing hard for this and are really pumped about finally getting out on the road again. Hopefully see you soon. Enjoy listening to our album in its entirety, and pre-order if you haven’t already.

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  1. Connie
    Connie says:

    Hidiho Piers,
    I finally got round to listening to Promises on KCRW just now. And I must say, after a seriously crappy week with spending massive time in hospital or in my car driving to & fro (my dad is in IC), it felt like a little reward. Actually also it’s like a little extra gift for Mother’s Day (today here in NL) too; a much needed personal boost so to speak!!
    High expectations from the 2 earlier released tracks were met 100% and then some! Well done guys ! Respect !
    Thought it wasn’t possible, but it even makes us more impatient for September than before… 🙂
    As always, 3 Dutch customary XXX’s, Connie & family


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